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Flashback of July August September Month 2018 – GHD Braintree Office

As the children are back to school. It may be time to schedule the treatment you have been putting off. Please call the office to see what you have remaining for benefit’s. The year will be soon coming to a end . You want to make sure that you use all your remaining benefits for […]

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Flashback of May June Month 2018 – GHD Braintree Office

We want to thank our patients for their generous donations to the smiles for life campaign . To date we have $2,485. The Marge Crispin Center in Braintree will receive half of the donation. The center always puts the money to good use they do lots of things in the Braintree community to help the […]

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April Month Flashbacks of Braintree Office

April Birthdays :- Dr. Irwin, Marianna and Nyanah
Employee for the Month of April: Whitney

Barb and Whitney attended South Shore Health and wellness fair on Friday March 30. Many people stopped by our booth and inquired about our dental practice. We handed out lots of information and hope to have several new patients soon.  The children had […]

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Flashbacks of JanMarch 2018 Month-GHD Braintree

Dental Assistants week celebrated the week of March 13, 2018
Dental Assistants week celebrated the week of March 13, 2018. We honored our dental assistants with a nice lunch from the Cheese Cake Factory, Flowers and a nice dental assistant tote bag. Please see our face book page for photo. We are extremely happy with our wonderful Dental Assistants in Braintree!!!!
Birthdays Celebration In March […]

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SPRING IS A TIME of renewal and revitalization

All the green is back, flowers are blooming again, and birds are singing. What better time to renew your smile with whitening treatments?

Everyday Life Can Dull Your Smile

Over time, our teeth can appear more yellow. It could be stains from food or it could simply be an effect of age. Because our teeth are porous, […]

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Flashbacks of January 2018 Month-GHD Braintree

Congratulations Dr. Townsend and Dr. Irwin on becoming associates of the year for 2017. We feel very fortunate that they are part of our team in Braintree!!!

A huge congratulations is in order for our own Dr. Townsend! He was named “Associate Dentist of the Year” at our annual doctor’s award ceremony. The award was given […]

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December Month 2017 (End of The Year)Flashbacks of Braintree Office

December Birthday’s – Abby
Employee of the month December-Kelley

As 2017 has come to an end Great Hill Dental has had a great year with many highlights that have happened . Please visit our Facebook page to see all that has happened milestones that we have been reached and the FUN the office has had. We […]

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November Month Flashbacks of Braintree Office

November Birthdays :- Sochita
Employee for the Month of November: Nyanah

As the end of the year is fast approaching take a moment to reflect back on all the positive events that have happened in your life. Enjoy the moments with your friends and family. Do something kind for a co-worker without them knowing. It is the […]

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Flashbacks of October 2017

October was  honor your hygienist month we treated our team to a nice lunch from the Cheese Cake Factory we had beautiful flowers delivered and they each received a personalized tote bag. We are thrilled we have such a wonderful team!! See their pictures posted on our face book page.

The winner of our candy corn contest and winner of the electric […]

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Braintree Office September Month Flashbacks and Dental Insurance Benefit

Congrats to the Timothy T.
the winner of the 4 Red Sox tickets in the Braintree Office!!! We hope you had a great time at the game!!!

September Birthdays: Dr. Konieczkowski

Employee of the Month of September is: Sandy

Congratulations to Dr. Konieczkowski and her Husband they welcomed there new baby boy on September 22, 2017!!!

With the end of […]

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